Wednesday, February 8, 2012

            Life lesson - mainly for women  This is a long one.

    Girlfriend Marje came to San Clemente the other day to visit her grandchildren.  I decided to stop by on my way home from LA to say hi, have a cup of coffee and then head back down to SD,  Lucky for me I did decide to stop.  Got within 1/2 block from her place :  Engine lights on car started blinking and messages started popping up:  GET OUT OF THE CAR -   STOP  THE ENGINE -  SMOKE IS COMING.  So I did.
      I don’t know much about cars other than filling up with gas,  doing basic maintenance, and turning the key to start it.   This problem was the radiator and I really thought the car was going to blow up.  Luckily I wasn’t on the freeway -  I really would have panicked then.  Thank goodness for AAA.  Came and towed the car into an approved repair shop, and I wound up spending the night with my friend.
       Which is leading me up to  one of my “life lessons” for sharing.   My son had found out about my car predicament and called to get the complete scoop.  After telling him, he started in on me on something we were discussing up in LA - about my needing an ipad.  First, I don’t need an ipad -  I WANT an ipad.  He’s trying to tell me  I need an iphone first and then, eventually, I can get the ipad.  Now I know in time all technology will be iphone/droid types and I will  have to get one then.  But now I want an ipad!!!!
     What I want to get across to you and what I was telling 13 year old Audrey, women have to do what THEY want.   Don’t defer to a man’s opinion just because he is a man and just because he makes you think he is smarter.  And it doesn’t make any difference if one of them is smarter.  If you don’t do what you want, and you listen to him or anyone else, and their way doesn’t work out in the end, YOU are going to be pissed -  at them and at yourself.  Just do what you think is right, and, if in a rare case it isn’t, then accept responsibility and say you made the mistake.  DON'T let yourself regret not taking the opportunity.  I have done it many times in the past, and I WON’T DO IT AGAIN!
   I really feel that I need  to pass this along to young women of today.   Most mother’s want to  tell their daughters these things but because it is your mom that is doing the telling,  girls are apt to disregard what she is saying,  just because she is your mom. 
    If any of you feel that this is good advice, sure would love to hear from you.   Dar

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pre-dating advice


            I’m sure you all know this:
If you do hook up with someone from the Internet, make sure you meet in a very public place.  Also, going out one time is NOT dating.  If you put it in the right perspective,  it’s just an interview.  You can pretty much tell within 15 minutes if you ever want to see that person again.    If  there seems to be some commonality between the 2 of you, go for the 2nd interview.  Also, limit your time with the individual to 1/2 an hour.  I don't care if you’re totally smitten with each other, let them want more.  They can call for a formal date.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

    Friend Rebecca and I are on an eating mission.  Where can we get good food for a fair price?   Right now we’re on an Asian kick.  San Diego’s Asian restaurant district is located around  Balboa and Convoy.
   I checked Yelp on where to start.  This Wednesday night was our first foray and  we started at Ichiro, located at 4344 Convoy.  Got there around 5:30, which was perfect, as we didn’t have to wait for a table.   
   Sorry, we’re not drinkers so I can’t give you any idea on their happy hour prices but I’m sure they are fair. We were there to EAT!     We started with eel hand rolls and chicken wing karage from the happy hour menu,  $3.00 each.  We should have paid more attention to the happy hour menu as  there were great sounding  appetizers at the right price. Sorry that we didn’t.  For our other dishes, we opted for a caterpillar roll  and a noodle dish.  Both good.  But more appetizers would have been more fun.  Service was also pleasant.
    We’ve decided we’ll give our restaurant  choices 5 star ratings and this one rated a 4.  Can’t wait to go back for the karage and try some of their other happy hour menu.  When we looked around at 6:15 every table wad taken and people were waiting in line.  Try it.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Purple Nails

After considerable urging by friends, family and even strangers, I’ve decided it is time for me to start blogging.
I used to have an advice column called “Dear Dar” when I was running singles parties here in San Diego, so a lot of what I will  say is geared to being an older person in today’s dating world.   Probably will throw in  lots of food/restaurant review type stuff, a little financial knowledge, and some clothing/makeup issues.   Whatever I’ve learned, I’d love to share.
  Starting with this week:   While standing in line at the Las Vegas
airport, returning to SD, one of the 2 girls in line next to me commented on my fingernail polish.   This happens all the time, as  I have the most beautiful purple colored nails you’ll ever see.  I’ve heard over and over again that the colors they’ve bought at various stores are not as deep and as rich as they look in the bottle.  So everyone wants to find out the brand I’m using.  Actually, I do use “Savvy, Deep Amethyst” from the Sally Shop and here’s the secret:  Buy any pretty purple that you like and also buy a bottle of black.  Use the black first, then purple over as the second coat.  Color is fabulous!
  For all you purple fanatics like me,  try it and write back with your take on my suggestion.